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Hey guys how are ya??

I have no idea what the file is...... Have you ever seen an extention __- thats what it is 8 lines and then the extention "__-"


Its 0 bytes and there is no file just that marker....

Pic 1:
Pic 2:

The creation date was 9/28/15 11:59pm

How do you delete a pointer in the file system with no actual file to it?? (Maybe thats why I cant delete it,it cant find the file it supposedly goes to)

I have a program called DELETE DOCTOR and I have tried deleting it by UNC name which didnt work (No Universal name as there is no file) I havent tried scheduling it with that program to delete the file on reboot though. I dont know if that will work because I think it will try to do it from DOS and according to DOS that file doesnt exist (The pointer doesnt even show up in dos (If I goto the system directory that "________.__-" file doesnt show up))

Its very strange............. Any help??

Thank you and god bless ya all!!!!


I forgot I posted this already,I should have searched this base I am sorry.....Would a staff member please merge it with that one?? (Or delete the other one)

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