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Originally Posted by smurfy View Post
There's a heap of versions missing from that list...
I'm not going to give an /10 for each but can pretty easily rank from best to worst.
Here you go for the ones I can remember using/worked on/own (not including Windows Server O/S):
Rank | Version
 17    Windows 3.1
 9     Windows for workgroups 3.11
 12    Windows NT 3.51
 16    Win95 
 10    Win95a (OSR1)
 5     Win95b (OSR2)
 8     Win95c (OSR2.5)
 11    Windows NT 4.0
 13    Win98
 1     Win98SE 
 6     Win2000 
 18    Win ME 
 4     WinXP 
 14    Win Vista
 2     Win7 
 15    Win8 
 7     Win 8.1
 3     Win10
nb: can still lay my hands on installs for all but 1 (Windows 8.0) of the above
where is win3.0 on your list :-) sorry could not resist.

I was looking at that list thinking how much I have forgotten about them. the little tidbits of info regarding the differences. In addition it reminds me of things I were doing during those times. like running a bbs when win95 was released and trying to get it to work in dos mode, , how I took off of work to get vista on the day it was released, how, I was doing this and that... really makes me feel old.
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