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How to troubleshoot why internet keeps dropping?

I have a netgear wireless router. From time to time, the internet would just drop on all devices (computer, laptops, ipads, phones). The only way to get connected again is to unplug the modem and router and replug. Not sure if unplugging modem is necessary but I do that while I'm unplugging and replugging the router before the internet on all devices begin working again. If it's working again after unplugging and replugging, what could it mean? I thought it was because I was watching a lot of Hulu on my smart tv so I stopped watching it. It seemed to help for a little over a week but right now, I'm still not watching Hulu and it's happened again. I noticed someone else on another smart tv watching Peacock the night before last. Can TV/movie streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Peacock on a smart tv cause problems for the internet? What if we just watch it on a computer?
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