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Originally Posted by lufbra View Post
But let's also not forget the amount of people who choose not follow any rules etc, that each countries leaders have created. These people are as much to blame than anyone else, including leaders/politicians.
Very true, however the laws put it place or lack thereof are also a factor. Here in Australia, where our national leader is as weak as water, had some state leaders who put in place laws, that in normal times would be called draconian, that imposed terms of imprisonment or massive fines on those not complying.

Very few were affected negatively by these laws as people quickly complied most of the time. The results of these measures can be seen by the very low death rate in those states.

We have one state that had a wishy washy premier who bagged all the other states for closing their borders to hers, however she eventually realised that she needed to pull her state into line to save lives. This is now happening, unfortunately many died in the meantime.
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