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Well, if you want to get into that age thing, I used Gold Star products before they built their first tractor with Hyundai. Of course, that means I was in the ROK at that time, because I don't think there was much exporting of electronic goods from the ROK in the early 70s. We used to have records then that you could bend like the early floppy disc. In fact, after one of those copyright violating records couldn't be used anymore we'd bend the edges up and make giant ashtrays out of them.

But that point made about Gold Star parts being in any other company products is quite valid.

But that rusting trouble does seem a fair bit odd for a product that uses water like a washing machine does. You don't live near a body of salt water, do you? That sure does seem strange. A rusted out washing machine sounds almost like a collector's item. That could be an embarrassment to the company. You should ask them what they think you could get for that as a collector's item at some museum. They might wake up to the problem then.
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