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I think corporate "We-Don't-Care" has been going on for a whole mess of years. It's not so new. Well, when it is a corporation with bunches of money and clout. I still remember that Pinto auto trouble back a fair number of years and that got a mess of folks killed. Those tobacco companies were guilty of a sort of "We-Don't-Care" and that was a really bad deal for a whole mess of folks. Heck, I remember when I was on active duty a whole mess of years ago they used to include these little packs of cigarettes in our C-rations pack. My memory might be off, but I think it was a little pack of 5 cigarettes. And that is hundreds of thousands of humans getting those cute little cancer-packs. But I was sort of lucky because one doesn't do much smoking around JP4 fuel and so my smoking wasn't so heavy and it didn't last so long because of my liking to get into sports stuff.

But I think they made some Hollywood flic about those tobacco company managers at the top knew they were selling a product that was mighty bad for a lot of folks. A great example of what lots of money for them really good law folks can do for you.

But rust on a washing machine is really weird.

Unless you have discovered some secret about salt water having fantastic washing properties and you've been using salt water to wash your clothes.
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