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Is it really just me?

Or am I correct in observing that all software now is NOT an improvement.

Not needed.

Just a grab for money.
No. You are NOT correct. You made a blanket statement about "all" software. And like all blanket statements (including this one), there are exceptions that make such absolute statements wrong.

A lot, if not most new versions of software today are indeed improvements over the last.

Whether we like the improvements or not is often just a subjective opinion.

Under the hood, W10 is a vastly superior OS in many ways over all previous versions. This is especially true if you base that on the criteria that the purpose of the OS is to establish communication and integration between all the various hardware components of a computer into a stable and secure system designed to run today's software. W10 does that very well.

My IT friend insists it had to change for security reasons, but that does not explain why the interface had to change.
Your IT friend is right. Because of the actions of the bad guys (some even state sponsored ) for which Microsoft has been falsely and relentlessly blamed for nearly 2 decades, Windows had to change to meet the challenges of today's security landscape.

But it MUST be noted the hardware industry has made HUGE changes too - not just in the state-of-the-art for which operating systems must support too, but also many security features being built into said hardware.

And it must be noted (and accepted by consumers) that Microsoft is not to blame when hardware makers refuse to develop W10 drivers for their legacy hardware. After all, there's no profit in that for those hardware makers. In fact, supporting legacy hardware is a total loss of profits. So they would much rather we buy new hardware designed for W10.

But you are right too - those changes to Windows do not explain why the UI had to change.

And to that, if you still prefer the desktop and start menu of W7, check out Start10 - arguably the best $5 I ever spent!


As a semi-side note, if you want to know why Windows changed, it is because of the Windows Phone back when W8 came out. The Microsoft marketing weenies wanted Windows 8 users who were looking for a new smart phone to pick up a Windows Phone and immediately be familiar with it, fall in love with it, and buy it.

The problem there was they just assumed they could shove the Windows 8 "metro" desktop down on Windows 7 (and XP and Vista) users and that we would automatically fall in love with W8. Of course that never happened and Windows 8 was a fiasco and grand failure - as was the Windows Phone.
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