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I would be curious to how you would rate the different versions of Windows starting with Win95 and a scale of 1 to 10.
Win95 I give a 7 (poor usb)
Win98SE I would give a 9 (one serial for as many PC's as you like with no online activation)
Win2000 I give a 7 (poor gaming support mainly)
WinME I give a 5 (no one seems to like it)
WinXP Pro I give a 10 (full customization and a neat non-destructive reinstall feature as well as fast file transfers).
WinVista 7 again (just too buggy poor search poor file transfer speeds and poor tweakability)
Win7 I give a reluctant 9 (much better than Vista but transfers still slow and seems
to be hard to customize (full row highlight, stupid Libraries and a Windows Explorer navigation pane that will not stay at the top).
Win8 (never used it)
Win10 (never used it)
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