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Change is Rarely Good

Is it really just me?

Or am I correct in observing that all software now is NOT an improvement.

Not needed.

Just a grab for money.

Windows 7 worked just fine. My IT friend insists it had to change for security reasons, but that does not explain why the interface had to change.

People invest sometimes YEARS of their lives obtaining Muscle Memory dealing with interfaces. Change is not only unnecessary and unwanted, it does huge harm.

Some of us were not born with a cell phone embedded in our palm
Some of us do not have the attention span of a gnat.

No one ever contact me and said, "hey we see you are using XXX. What type of changes would you be in favor of?"

When/How did "new" become automatically "better"?

Remakes of old movies are GARBAGE, remakes of old songs are GARBAGE.

Get an original idea, or go kill yourself.
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