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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
Either method could work if the two machines are identical, if not neither method is advised.

Registry entries are generated during the installation process and match the software to the hardware, if the hardware is different the details could be incorrect.
I think both of you do not completely understand. I am cloning the XP drive on the eMachines to a spare drive that will then go into the HP (only temporarily) so I can copy the eMachines XP system over to the HP's main OS drive. It will already have the HP's XP registry entries for HKLM\MACHINE and HKLM\SYSTEM. This where in the registry information about the hardware of a computer is stored. So that the drive I take over to the HP from the eMachines will look like it was always on the HP. One note first: this eMachines drive has already been in the HP so that the HP computer would install it into the registry using the "Found New Hardware routine". Then I can copy over the folders I already mentioned which contain all the programs (from \Program Files and \Windows) all the settings (from \Documents and Settings which also has a part of the registry) and when you copy over \Windows that will also contain \System32\Config which contains the remaining registry files. This "donor" drive (from the eMachines) will be the boot drive on the HP for the copying. But one question remains:

Can DOS copy files from a PATA HDD to a SATA HDD? The SATA HDD is set to IDE mode on the HP in the BIOS setup.

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