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Relay failure

I bought a Linksys RE6500 broadband extender, essentially a relay, because our Verizon router doesn't send a strong enough signal to the back of our house. It cost $80, which I know is not top of the line, but it wasn't the bottom either.

The relay's signal is really strong where it needs to be, but it has a nasty tendency to randomly disconnect from my computer as I am working on it. It is a little better with the smart TV; it rarely disconnects from that as I watch Netflix or one of the apps, but it almost invariably disconnects overnight or if I'm not relying on the signal, and it is a pretty good hassle to get the signal back.

And everything disconnects if you deign to cook for a minute in the microwave or turn on the stove top fan.

And it is definitely not the router. I can recycle my network connection or reboot my computer or TV and get the signal back just fine. Or I can reboot the relay and everything works fine. So I'm concerned with the random disconnects by the relay rather than the router or the devices.

But what is more concerning is that I am tempted to buy other smart devices for around the house and I don't know if those will consistently work.

Specifically, I'm interested in a smart device that will control my lawn sprinklers along the lines of this one. It will go on or stay off depending on a daily weather report provided by the manufacturer of the device. Or I can control it from my phone if the lawn needs more water.

There's also turning on lights, the heat, radios and so forth to make a house look like it someone is home to scare off burglars, not to mention the usual array of connected security systems on sale on the boob tube that require a continuous connection.

But if the signal is going to crap out frequently and randomly and require rebooting when I'm not there, all of it is completely useless.

Is anyone else experiencing regular crap outs with relays and/or smart devices? Is there a fix?
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