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Actually, Jintan, I had one eye on the "human rights" part of a link I saw in one of the links in SpywareDr's signature and figured there was an aspect to all this that I was missing (I figured somebody into human rights at a professional or near-professional level might be better tuned into that slander stuff than I) and the raising of slander did seem like a significant veer off the main path of the key question in the opening post; as well as subsequent questions after the OP and so I was honestly interested in what somebody that has some focus on human rights may have seen that I missed, but maybe I should have not been so curt with that line of questioning. Actually I was in a bit of a hurry when I asked that question.

Ned Seagoon, during an exchange of ideas about IE6 in another thread with The Dude I was reminded of an article I read some years ago about comparisons between some of Microsoft's browsers and I had trouble finding it in my files --- well, I didn't find it --- and so trying to remember the year and author made it difficult in a search engine, but Saturday I finally found it.

Canadian Louis Lazaris's piece in 2009 about differences and degree of upgrade between IE6 and IE7 and IE8 and mostly related to CSS and we all know that CSS is very important in the area of web advertising.

And I did have in a file on this unit --- so easy to find, and still sort of fresh in my memory --- the piece I saw in the Australian government's DTA article from back in February 2020:
Browser changes improving security and privacy

So that highlights three areas of browser upgrades or rebuilds or whatever it should be labeled as; CSS improvements compared to security and privacy --- which of those three is taking up most of the programmer's time?

And it should be noted that I am also placing 'security' and 'privacy' in separate categories, which some may disagree with. I view privacy issues as being significantly related to commercial interests. So that is two, so far, on the commercial side of the ledger and one on the security side. And you see that even the Australian government has placed security and privacy into one article, as if they are twins. They aren't twins. Your privacy has everything to do with tracking you that companies want to do for their own commercial gain. It is completely different than a hacker stealing your passwords, which is one aspect of the security side of the ledger.

And very recently there has even been Google's sandbox thingy that I think some regulators in the UK are stating gives Google some sort of edge over others in that commercial field of browser stuff. Now that sort of thing is why I refused from the beginning to use Google's browser; because of the auto updating thing. They can do just about anything to your browser they want and don't really have to tell you why they did it. And Microsoft went into that auto updating style, too. Us not having any control over that will eventually be overturned by the courts and/or legislation, but it will be a number of years before that happens.

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