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Cool Broadband Speed Conundrum

I have a Dell PC, Windows 10 2004 for x64 with Superfast Broadband around 70 mb/s using a brand new BT Smart Hub/Router 2, and a modern BT wired installation from the master socket and out onto the telegraph pole. I have an ethernet hard wire connection between PC and Hub/Router.
I recently checked my broadband speed using my PC and it was recording in the 20s mb/s. It would normally record around 71/72 mb/s. Called BT. They could not see a problem from their end but sent me the Smart Hub as described above to replace an existing quite modern Hub/Router. Still the same result. An engineer came. He had a hand held gadget which showed that the the speed substantially exceeded 70 mb/s (near 80 mb/s) from the Hub/Router so apparently no problem. He showed me the result though I have no idea what is hand held gadget was or how it worked.
BT's own internet speed checker is out of action but, with the PC, I used (with the engineer) a variety of internet speed checkers all coming up with results on my PC in the 20s mb/s. The engineer's personal favourite checker was 'ookla' which showed those same results. I wasn't offered any explanation as to what might cause the apparent difference in the results between use of the PC and his gadget. He had done his job and left.
When the engineer had gone I tried a different ethernet cable but still no difference. I also tried an iPad using a WiFi connection to the Hub/Router which also showed a result in the 20s range.
I have never before had a problem in recording my broadband speed in the 70s via the PC. So why now?
I have to say that my PC performs quite acceptably but I cannot be sure, in my own mind, that I am getting 70 mb/s. Even in the 20s I would expect a fair response. I don't get buffering problems on videos.
Given that the engineer couldn't find a fault has anyone any idea what could cause such a wide discrepancy in the readings? Might it be that some inherent fault has developed during Covid in the BT network which makes it difficult for a PC to accurately read speeds which might resolve when enough folk are back at work? Without any evidence I can't ask BT to do any more than they have done. The fact that BT's own internet checker is out of action makes me wonder if the problem is widespread but temporary and that the explanation is being kept confidential for some reason. That's pure supposition on my part.
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