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Here in Australia each state is locked down, with no travel between states permitted except for some specific exceptions where special quarantine provisions apply.

In Queensland, my state we have a similar population to NZ, just over 5 million.
Cases to date 1030
Recovered 926
Active 98
Deaths 6

Some restrictions will be reduced at midnight next Friday. Travelling with family or a friend to a park for a picnic, or to non-essential shopping within 50 kM of home, provided social distancing is maintained, will be allowed.

The Commonwealth Health department has today released a contact app for mobile phones which will log any contact longer than 20 mins and closer than 1.5 metres. Should any contacts become infected, users will be notified to go and get tested.

I've just installed this despite some reservations about privacy and misuse, but I've used an abbreviation of my name that I don't use elsewhere, to detect the source of any strange messages I may receive.
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