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As far as I am aware Vista can no longer access updates server being switched off by Microsoft.

I have not seen much of Vista myself having been killed off by Intel saying that they would not put it on their computers because it took up space and was slower in working than XP.

I have had a few crippled to look at wrecked by trojans and virus issues akin to XP's suffering, hence Windows 7 file changes.
I got this little laptop with Vista that had suffered from removal of personal data and programs leaving windows with file gaps which I was unable to solve.

It meant a full reload of windows, and as its drive was stupidly small thought I would do it for interest plus have a drive with update files if needed for any other system. As you can imagine Vista with SP1 is very internet thick as it lacked modern security settings etc.
driver problems added to some issues.

I kept downloading updates from page 14 and so far now down to 6 and has now become responsive and gets on the internet having loaded IE9 along with some security settings.
Now I thought because updater goes to a defunct server just thought I could direct it to a folder with update files in it.

Just wondered if some registry change could work?

Many thanks from David
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