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***I should note & forgot to mention above. When I realize I lost connection with the web I don't get a notice. It's when the video I'm watching stops or I can't go to a new page I notice it. I click on my wifi networks & they are all available & seem to be working. When I disconnect to my apt network & reconnect that is when it says I'm offline. Sometimes when I hit the Wifi On/Off square to see if I can just turn wifi off then on the fix it, sometimes it won't let me select off. Sometimes when I get it to go off then back on it can't see any available networks. Normally I always have 10+ networks in range. That is when I'm forced to do the step described above to get back online. I had to do them right before I posted this reply. I almost feel like the system is trying to prevent me from finding a fix/answer hahaha :-)
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