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Pretty much anything Yes related, but my all time favourite live DVD is titled Songs From Tsongas, I like this concert simply for the fact that Chris Squire (RIP) performs a fantastic solo on his bass guitar.
I do like Genesis a lot, and my favourite DVD is Seconds out. I like this DVD because of the awesome version of Suppers Ready.
We (my Missus 'n me) like Peter Gabriel, and we have his live DVD named Growing Up.
I also like Mike Oldfield a lot, and my favourite live DVD of his is Live at Montreux. Some great music all through it.
We have an excellent live DVD by ELO titled Zoom Tour Live.
Another great DVD is by Supertramp, of which the title is The Story So Far. It's a Rockumentary which has interviews with the group members, and some of their best songs being performed.
My wife like John Farnham a lot, and we have a few of hid DVD's, of which my favourite is Full House.
My wife also likes The Styx, and we have their Grand Illusion live DVD, which is very good.
We also like The Eagles, of which we have The Eagles Farewell I Tour Live From Melbourne, which is another great concert.
We do have several others, but the ones above
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