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What distribution do you use?

We develop our own distribution specifically to fit in the space constraints of the tiny CD-ROMs. We compile everything from source code with -Os, and use an elaborate system of compression and pivot_rooting to make a 50MB CD-ROM hold all of the programs we include.

Why not just use Knoppix?

Knoppix is an excellent live-CD distribution, but one with different goals. Knoppix is meant to be a fully-featured Debian system on a CD or DVD. The LNX-BBC is meant to be a portable card-sized distribution, designed to fit in your wallet or pocket. The form factor of a business card CD makes the LNX-BBC more readily transportable than a full-size CD-ROM.

Does it work with Red Hat?

The LNX-BBC is its own operating system. It works independently of what operating system is installed on the computer's hard drives. You could have OS/2 installed on your system and the LNX-BBC would still function in your machine.
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