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Morphix is a modular GNU/Linux livecd-enabled distribution (you burn the CD, you put it in your CD-Rom drive, you boot and it works... no harddisk-installation necessary, doesn't touch your data). Also, installing Morphix on a harddisk is a breeze. Morphix should still be considered experimental in nature. No guarantees are given, use Morphix at your own risk!

ISO's with XFCE4, Gnome2.4, KDE3.1, a game iso and a large number of derivatives are available. Morphix is an Open Source/Free software project, based on Debian GNU/Linux and Knoppix. For more information, check the FAQ, Wiki, or ask on our forum. Debian packages and source code are available via our repository and CVS. It is possible to download morphix, or you may buy morphix.
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