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Hello Ned,
I wasn't in a position to obtain another computer but you got me to thinking about other ways to check the hardware. My PC is from DELL and they have a downloadable 'Support Assist' programme which I have run. It tests and analyses the various components and takes about 15 minutes. That showed all clear.
I don't have any 'loose wires though I did try disconnecting certain peripherals.
However, through perseverance with the Ookla website, I was suddenly offered an Ookla free downloadable "Speedtest for Windows" programme because the Ookla site was reporting connection problems to the server which might be caused by the installed Anti Virus software or some other causes. The programme was also available in a version for Mac computers. It was available in a 64 or 32 bit version so I even got it quite tailor-made for my PC. Running that downloaded programme from the PC I am getting consistent readings around 67 mb/s.
I haven't a clue about exactly what has been happening but that reading is satisfactory. There is clearly some kind of interference involved somewhere.
I should like to thank you for taking the trouble to reply. It doesn't matter that the solution has come from elsewhere. You made me think more deeply, and opened my mind to the fact that there were definitely other rational explanations which might exist for what was happening.
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