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Is your Computer Ready for Windows 11?

With Windows 11 release a couple weeks ago, many computers cannot run it. It seams that MS decided that your system must have certain hardware to get the FREE upgrade to Windows 11. Specifically; UEFI, Secure Boot capable and TPM (Trusted Platform Module -version 2)

You can run the Windows 11 Checker by downloading it here:

Also there is a list of Processors that support Windows 11:

Also here:

As you can see not all Intel processors will support Win 11, I was running a i7-2600K and it did not support it.

So lets look at what is "Secure Boot";

Secure Boot is an important security feature designed to prevent malicious software from loading when your PC starts up (boots). Most modern PCs are capable of Secure Boot, but in some instances, there may be settings that cause the PC to appear to not be capable of Secure Boot. These settings can be changed in the PC firmware. Firmware, often called BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), is the software that starts up before Windows when you first turn on your PC.

What is TPM:

New features of Windows 11 vs Windows 10:

1. Windows 11 removes some features from Windows 10. You can no longer sync your desktop wallpaper, Internet Explorer and the Math Input panel are gone, and a few apps are also removed. Those apps are 3D viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D, and Skype.

2. Moves start menu to center of screen, however you can move it back to the left; Settings>Personalization>Taskbar>Taskbar Behaviors>Taskbar Alignment

3. Can download Android Apps

4. Better Virtual Desktops

5. Snap Groups and Snap Layouts:

************************************************** ******

Since my home built system was several years old and did not support Windows 11, I upgraded to a AMD4 Motherboard, Ryzen 5600G processor.
Installed Windows 11 and still learning but am very satisfied with it. As usual MS will dis-continue support for Windows 10 in 2025

If you have any tips please post them here.
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