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Old January 24th, 2021, 01:35 AM
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Guitar Sharing Experience (Epiphone Casino VS Gretsch Electromatic)

So I'm in a predicament..

Today I went with my dad just to try out some guitars and see which ones I liked. Basically I tried a Gretsch Electromatic and an Epiphone Casino.

Now I have a choice, the Electromatic for $750 or the Casino for $650.

When I went and tried them I absolutely LOVED the Beatles tone the electro produced.
The way the neck felt was just gorgeous. So this produced basically the early beatles sound I love.

Now with the Casino , I didn't get a chance to plug it into an amp but from what i've heard on youtube and seen, it's got a great sound and it too produces a Beatles sound but late beatles. Does anyone know if it can sound like the early beatles stuff too?

So what would be a good choice? And what are some pros and cons of each guitar?
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Old January 26th, 2021, 12:49 AM
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That link you provided basically said "Well...both guitars are ok. Make your own decision with no help from me."

Harrison played a Gretsch Country Gentleman on some really early Beatles stuff, not the Electromatic. The Epiphone Casino is on a ton of early Beatles recordings. Whichever guitar you buy, pick up a Vox amp to play through. You can pick up a Vox AC30 used for pretty cheap these days. Nice jangly tones for days.
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