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Old April 22nd, 2015, 03:10 PM
bubbanm bubbanm is offline
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ie11 does not remember info typed in

Hi Everyone,
In ie11, I type in search criteria then enter to do my search. If I go back a page to refine my search what I had typed in earlier is no longer there. It use to remember what I had typed in when I hit the back button and all the boxes would have the previous info still filled out. Now when I hit the back button all the boxes are blank like its the first time I have been to that page. Any ideas for making ie11 remember what I had filled out? Another issue we noticed it is changing periods to underscores.

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Old April 27th, 2015, 06:58 PM
The Dude The Dude is offline
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Check and see if autocomplete is checked or not

Internet Options/Content/Autocomplete -- That may be the reason...

Good luck!
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