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Old February 24th, 2008, 04:17 AM
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Lightbulb How can i get the most out of my internet?

i suppose this is not a conventional post because it is not an issue, but more of an inquiry. i am tech savvy, but am lacking in the networking field with only general knowledge and comprehension of specs.

Basically, i am in search for the ultimate network setup, but in a reasonable price range.

currently i am running the generic modem from the isp (SBC,) a speedstream, a 5 year old microsoft router wireless b, wirelessly connected to a laptop and a desktop with an outdated 5 year old wireless b network card and wired to another desktop. pitiful because i have optimized every computer in the house to tip-top running condition and built my own computer to be exceedingly fast, but have a sluggish network to go along with them all.

i have been scanning the market and have not found a router without completely mixed reviews, some saying that its the best ever and others warning against it. i am somewhat of a gamer but its not crucial. also, i am debating weher to run wireless or wired for my desktop, and would wireless be noticibably slower? i do do ALOT of downloading, and with a 3 computer network, i need a high bandwidth router.

should i get something with gigabit?

my other main concern is wireless g vs. wireless n.
-i have been told that i will achieve about the same internet speeds with wireless n but much faster 'intranet.' (internal network?)

i do plan to set up a home network with shared folders and file transferring between computers... so good speeds are a plus.

the router needs to be both wireless and wired because of the laptop and two desktops, unless wireless is suitable for my desktop.

i was looking at this router:

please give me your opinions/suggestions, and let me know of any downfalls or bonuses?

please reccomend as well if you know of anything more suitable or better quality/functionality.

is MIMO an important feature?

for my desktop, is the built-in ethernet port on my motherboard sufficient or should i buy a seperate card?

are there wireless+wired cards for mixed use? possibly i should just buy a wireless n card
and just know i have the ethernet for backup, or maybe put in a seperate pci ethernet card with it.

and last but not least... can or should i use cat6 instead of cat 5? its it even available or supported by newer hardware? it there a signifigant improvement?

i guess i am just looking for a general education on the subject of network optimization, after googling it and not finding any answers.

thanks for your consideration,

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Old February 24th, 2008, 09:05 PM
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You have got some rather antiquated bits hanging off that network, though they are still ok for a reasonable, if not blistering, connection.

Consider these points:
  • How fast is your ADSL connection?
  • How many concurrent connections to your ADSL do you actualy use?
  • Do you move a lot of bytes internally around your network?
These questions and more will be answered in next weeks edition of SOAP! (sorry, 80's flashback there - back to business).

First off - yes, update the NIC in the desktop. Go for a gigabit card, they are cheap as chips these days and should be good for a few years yet.. I prefer to go for better knoen brands than unbranded Chinese specials - most of those unbranded cards are good, but the odd one can cause problems. I tend to go for Netgear onboard cards myself.

Definitely wire the desktop if at all possible - much more reliable and faster connections.

The router looks pretty good for your needs, though personally I am a little shy of 802.11n, there are too many flavours at the moment (although that said, it's been like that for a few years now), so there could be compatability issue firther down the line.

Wherever possible, I go for PCMCIA wireless adapters for laptops, they are considerably quicker and more reliable than USB variants.

All the above will meet your needs for downloading and file sharing within the house.

you are of course downloading for kosher reasons, no music/video ripping of course!
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Old February 25th, 2008, 12:06 AM
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no of course not (literally) i send files back and forth (photos and such) with family using a program called pando and also use itunes and do video streaming, i dont pirate.

also i share home movies with friends

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Old February 25th, 2008, 12:17 AM
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with 802.11n being so chancy, should i go with a more reliable wireless g?

also, could a newer modem help?

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Old February 25th, 2008, 04:14 PM
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your ISP is all dependable..... they say they give you a 3mb connection but you are only getting half of it....you will never get the full 3mb download opportunity at all...it all depends on the connections of your area.

I heard there is like one pipeline and muli connection to that pipleline..so it can cause traffic from the amount of people being online....

using DSL..well i heard here (canada) alot of people are complianing and are saying its getting slow as time goes by.....alot of people have been swtiching to cable modem there they can get higher connection speed at a price of course....i am using cable modem and its all good.

as far as your networking the highest i have seen is 54mbs which is fast enough and depending how you use it of course ...but if its home use..its all good.

G network is good right now...N just came out and heard a few people using it...supposely give better faster connection but i wouldn't put my money on it just yet... rather wait out a year on things once they come out.

as far as downloading ..wired is the best way to go...cause its direct and reliable as there is not much EMI interfering with it....wheresay the wireless can have alot of varibles included...such as EMI and sometime simple things like a wireless phone!!!

just my two cents
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