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Old September 25th, 2020, 06:57 PM
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Question Web Document tab missing

I just re-installed Win XP Pro (w/SP2) on a new drive after the old drive finally died. I then overlayed my backup from the Win XP Pro (w/SP2) that was on the drive that died to save time re-installing apps and re-doing all the personal settings. Everything is fine except that the "Web Document" tab is missing on the properties page of all files that are Internet shortcuts (.url files) amd the icons associated with those files are not displayed either. The Win XP Pro in that backup did display the Internet shortcuts correctly including the "Web Document" tab. Since I have more than one OS on my system, I booted into Win ME and right clicked on one of those Internet shortcuts and selected properties and it is displayed correctly and the "Web Document" tab is there. This tells me that the .url files are not corrupted. So that is not the problem. I looked in the XP registry and the .url extension was not there in HKCR (Classes Root) so I entered it in but that didn't help. I have "Googled" this problem and see that others have had this same problem too, but the provided fix didn't help them or me either. If I'm not mistaken, Explorer is the app in charge of displaying file properties. I checked the file version of Explorer in both the new installation and the backup and the versions are the same...6.0.2900.2180. Seemed to me that this might be a problem with file associations so I looked at the "File Types" tab of "Folder Options". "Internet Shortcut" is listed near the top of the list but with no icon associated with it and no app associated with it when you click on the "Advanced" button (Open, Print, etc.). Also there is no .URL extension listed. I'm stumped. I guess I could try overlaying the XP backup registry hive again but I would like to see if any of you have had this problem and have a solution that works. Thanks.
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