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Old April 28th, 2021, 10:43 PM
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Problems with bluetooth earbuds

I am having problems with pairing bluetooth earbuds. I have a cheap pair of a-tune model H9 earbuds. I also have an external adapter that plugs into the sound card speaker output, as my mobo is not equipped with bluetooth. But I was getting this annoying chiming sound coming from the earbuds when listening to music or videos and also when the volume got below a certain level the sound would just cut out. Once paired though it would stay paired indefinitely. As the chiming sound and volume control was very annoying I decided to install a Bluetooth/Wifi card in my pc. This solved the chiming sound and and sound cutout problem. Problem now is that if I don't have any music or videos going the bluetooth it will disconnect after about a minute and I will have to pair them again. Does anyone know what could be the problem? And does anyone think purchasing a better quality pair of earbuds such as JBL or some other name brand would resolve the issue? Or is it the
Cudy WE3000 AX Wireless WiFi/Bluetooth PCIe card that I installed in my PC that is the problem.
Thanx so much

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