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Old July 12th, 2023, 06:44 PM
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Red face Windows 10 --adblocker

I have Windows 10 64-bit. I do not have an adblocker. I am trying to review a product but I am unable to send it in as it says I have an adblocker that I need to remove. I've checked my extensions, I have turned all of them off, I have even turned off Windows Defender and I still cannot send my review. I'm using Edge and I tried Opera also and got the same results. I of course put my window defender back on the few extensions that I use. Os there one in Edge or Opera? Thank you for any help you can provide for me. I have now downloaded Chrome and had no problem sending my review. Is there some reason that Edge and Opera block this?

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Old July 13th, 2023, 02:53 PM
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I don't see why an ad blocker, even if enabled, would stop you from sending a review in.

How is this review formatted? That is, are you filling out a review form provided by the site? Or did you write a Word document, for example, and are trying to send it in as an email attachment?

I can see how an ad blocker might block the review "form" from appearing but if able to see and fill out the form, you should be able to send it. However, the acknowledgement the review was received might be blocked if that notifications comes back as a popup.

Typically, when an ad blocker is installed, an icon appears on the browser's toolbar (usually up top) for the blocker so you can easily disable or enable it. Do you see such an icon?

Also, for every blocker I have used, it has to be installed individually on each browser. In your case, it would be separate actions to install it in Edge and then again in Opera.

Maybe try Chrome or Firefox to see what happens?

Do you have any other security software installed besides "Microsoft" Defender (formally called Windows Defender).

Can you try a different computer, perhaps a smartphone? If you can submit the review from a different device, it might suggest a firewall or network issue.

I am not aware of Dell pre-installing any ad-blockers but if they did, it seems to me you would see that when looking at your browser extensions - which you did and didn't see any. So I find this confusing too.

You might look at this: How To Disable Your Ad Blocker On A Dell Laptop. Not sure it will help, however.
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