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Malware Removal Discussion about Trojans, viruses, hoaxes, firewalls, spyware, and general Security issues. If you suspect your PC is infected with a virus, trojan or spyware app please include any supporting documentation or logs

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Old January 19th, 2010, 05:10 AM
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Unhappy psf: my computer is doing a very similar thing - moved by schrauber

Hi, I am new to this forum so I don't know if I should post here or make a new thread but, my computer is doing the same thing as TigerKingIIs. I have just re-installed windows after a major virus infection which came from a usb stick. I think it is some mutation of AntiVirus 2009 which I saw on another computer network about 6 months ago. The virus completely stopped windows from working properly, changing the background image to a big virus warning sign and constantly putting up error box's saying things like "Really bad virus installed you need to run anti virus" and "Thank you very much for helping us" which was quite worrying. I had to re-install several times to get windows working and not getting instantly infected and I think I have now (yesterday) got it working but at some point today mbam starts constantly saying it has "successfully blocked access to malicious IP:" and several other IP's repeatedly.
Here is a small sample of the log file:
03:48:24 mik IP-BLOCK
03:48:30 mik IP-BLOCK
03:49:06 mik IP-BLOCK
03:49:09 mik IP-BLOCK
03:49:15 mik IP-BLOCK
03:49:28 mik IP-BLOCK
03:49:31 mik IP-BLOCK
03:49:37 mik IP-BLOCK
03:50:53 mik IP-BLOCK
03:50:56 mik IP-BLOCK
03:51:02 mik IP-BLOCK
03:51:08 mik IP-BLOCK
03:51:11 mik IP-BLOCK
03:51:17 mik IP-BLOCK
03:51:52 mik IP-BLOCK
03:51:55 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:01 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:02 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:02 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:05 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:11 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:31 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:32 mik IP-BLOCK
03:52:36 mik IP-BLOCK
03:53:02 mik IP-BLOCK
03:53:05 mik IP-BLOCK
03:53:11 mik IP-BLOCK
03:53:41 mik IP-BLOCK
03:53:44 mik IP-BLOCK
03:53:50 mik IP-BLOCK
03:54:56 mik IP-BLOCK
03:54:59 mik IP-BLOCK
03:55:04 mik IP-BLOCK
03:55:05 mik IP-BLOCK
03:55:07 mik IP-BLOCK
03:55:13 mik IP-BLOCK
03:56:29 mik IP-BLOCK
03:56:32 mik IP-BLOCK
03:56:38 mik IP-BLOCK
03:56:49 mik IP-BLOCK
03:57:07 mik IP-BLOCK
03:57:38 mik IP-BLOCK
03:57:41 mik IP-BLOCK
03:57:47 mik IP-BLOCK
03:58:29 mik IP-BLOCK
03:59:05 mik IP-BLOCK
03:59:08 mik IP-BLOCK
03:59:14 mik IP-BLOCK
03:59:14 mik IP-BLOCK
03:59:15 mik IP-BLOCK
04:00:28 mik IP-BLOCK
04:00:31 mik IP-BLOCK
04:00:37 mik IP-BLOCK
04:01:44 mik IP-BLOCK

Schrauber, should I follow the same instructions you have left or is this different?

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Old January 19th, 2010, 11:30 PM
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Hmm, tracker.thepiratebay.org

Please read this thread before asking for more help psf. If you have downloaded software illegally, you should seek help elsewhere because it is very likely that our applications will reveal this and we have zero tolerance for software piracy on this site.
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