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Old September 23rd, 2010, 12:38 PM
sladden sladden is offline
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Multi-Boot to single boot problem

G'day Folk's.

I multi-booted the latest releases of Ubuntu-Ultimate, PCLinuxOS & Linux-Mint.
After comparing them. It was decided to install only Linux-Mint.

I booted the Open-Linux-Mint-CD and from inside Linux-Mint desktop started to install and gave it the entire HD.

Everything went fine until the 1st and every boot since.

It seems to think that all-6 options of Ubuntu-Ultimate are still in there for dual-booting.

Of course, they are not.

How do I remove them from the list and go back to automatically booting into Linux-Mint?

Does any-body have any idea's please?
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Old September 24th, 2010, 10:07 PM
sladden sladden is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2009
O/S: Linux
Location: Tabourie NSW Australia
Age: 85
Posts: 1,288
Oh well. I worked it out.
I'm running 3 HD's in this computer. 2 for files and 1 for distros.

For a reason best known to itself and without my permission Ubuntu-Ultimate not only took 1 third of the distro HD. It also pinched 45gb from one of the file HD's.

Of course. From inside LinuxMint it wouldn't let me remove that partition and reclaim the stolen 45gb.
So I backed up my files. Then booted with a win7 cd. During set-up I removed the partitions and reformatted the entire fileHD. Then rebooted into LinuxMint.

This completely mucked up LinuxMint's booting ability. It seemed to miss Ubuntu-Ultimate.

So I re-installed LinuxMint-9-Xfce. Then put the files back where they belong.

Now everything is back to normal.

So far the Xfce desktop seems to be terrific.
Extremely fast in boot and running and shut-down.
I just have to find out if it is stable.
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