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Windows XP Problem solving for the Windows XP Operating System

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Old September 20th, 2004, 11:01 AM
cheeserik cheeserik is offline
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Lost secondary Hard drive "F" on formatting "C"


I have two drives C (systems) & F (all other stuff).

I had to reinstall XP PRO and formated "C" and set it up. Then carried out reinstallation.

All went well except my drive "F" was not now recognised.

I eventually found it by going into fdisk and brought it back to "My Computer"

Now when I clicked on it for properties, it told me there was no free space and further that it wasn't formatted and did I want to format it.

Have I lost all of my data on this drive (about 15 Gigs ) and it is a sixty gig drive.
Is there anyway of getting it back and my computer to recognise it.

Cheers in advance...............
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Old September 20th, 2004, 11:22 AM
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Welcome to CTH mate

A few questions back for you (sorry):
When you do your FDISK what does it show the secondary drive as?
What file system was C before you reinstalled Windows, and what is it now?

The data hasn't gone anywhere unless you actually deleted the partitions on the F drive, so your looking ok so far
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Old September 20th, 2004, 03:14 PM
cheeserik cheeserik is offline
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Thumbs up

Hi Snurfen..

Thanks for the welcome.

I have been careful not to delete any thing of my lost drive but I get a bit lost in fdisk......here is what it tells me.

C drive is FAT32 I cannot remember what they were before and I do not know how to change them anyway. No 1 son used to help with this, but he's away now.

C1 Status A. Type PRI DOS. VOL NONE. MBYT 16598. SYS.FAT32.USE 100%.

Change current fixed drive.

1 C 16598. FREE NONE. USE 100%.
2 D 38170 FREE35398 USE 100%

My other drive was listed as "F" and still shows as "F" in my computer

If that explains anything for you I had to put in a partition on the "F" drive to get it to be recognised...........but it is now recognised as "D" drive

My CDROM is "D" and my DVDR is "E" so the secondary drive is "F".

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