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Old April 27th, 2020, 09:00 PM
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Angry Inconsistent File Sharing

I have a Windows 10 PC and an iMac running High Sierra 10.13 on my home network. Earlier today, from my PC, I went into Explorer, Network, connected to my iMac, and got a photo I wanted. I wanted to get some other photos but decided to have lunch first. When I came back from lunch, my PC could no longer see my Mac.

I stopped and restarted the Function Discovery Provider & Resource, and verified that all of the SMB file sharing services were on. I rebooted both the PC and Mac multiple times. They still can't talk to each other.

I don't know whether to blame the PC or the Mac. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Old September 9th, 2020, 01:42 AM
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Installing over the Internet from Recovery Mode has always been a flacky procedure. Is there still a viable system on your MacBook? If so, you can download the version of the OS that you want to install while you are booted in that system, rather than in Recovery Mode. It will download in the Applications folder and will automatically launch. You can quit the installer and run it later if you like. Best to make a copy of the installer, or back up your system while the installer is in your Applications folder. If you followed best practices, you will have made a copy of your system before trying to reinstall it. If your hard drive has been erased, you can boot from the backup. Or use Time Machine to reinstall the system to the hard drive, if you donít have another backup. If you donít have a viable system available, you will have to borrow another Mac and download the installer there. Connect it to your Mac with an Ethernet or Thunderbolt cable and run the installer, being sure to select your MacBookís internal drive. Once youíre finished this, buy an external drive and turn on Time Machineóor make a clone.

Nox Vidmate VLC

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