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Old July 10th, 2004, 10:00 PM
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Post Loads to DOS and waits.

Hello everybody.

My computer stops at the dos screen and does not go on to windows 98

without asking me to type EXIT.

I saw this problem posted before and the answer was to re-load

Command Com.

I went, what I thought, one better and reloaded Windows 98. Well, I'm

back where I was except the @ sign is now above the number two, and the "

is where the @ sign was. I thought this was the American keyboard setting

so I reset it back to UK but it didn't change. Also, I still have to type exit to

continue with 98 loading. It works well when itís up and running.

So I joined your group and have spent all Saturday night reading the letters.

What a fantastic group it is. So friendly and informative. I dare say I

will have some more questions soon.
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