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Open Member Quote   I just wanted to say thanks to all the members, staff and admins/owners for all the help they have given me with all my problems. I see how huge this site is, and how active it is, and it amazes me how well run it is, and what great staff you guys got here - __James__  Close Member Quote
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How do I register ? 

Please view our movie tutorial on how to register on Cyber Tech Help.

How do I post a question ? 

Please view our movie tutorial on how to post a question on Cyber Tech Help.

How do I post a reply ? 

Please view our movie tutorial on how to post a reply on Cyber Tech Help.

Login Problems 

Check through the following steps which should resolve your problems :

  • Check and recheck that you have entered the correct password. If you are cut'n'pasting the password from the registration email into the login form make sure you aren't copying any blank spaces at either end of the password.
  • Make sure you have your browser set to ALLOW cookies. Cookies are needed in the login process of the support forums. They're also used to remember that you're logged in.
  • If you've logged in before but all of a sudden you're having problems logging in at all it is possible that you have a corrupt forum cookie. Click on the following link Clearing forum cookies Here you will find information about removing cookies set by the Cyber Tech Help Support Forums. Having done this then try logging in again.

I've lost my Password 

To reset your password click on the following link: Retrieve Lost Password

Enter into the form the email address you used in the registration form when you signed up. An email will then be automatically sent to you to validate that you are the owner of the user account. The email will contain a link that you can use to reset your password.

Once you have successfully completed the process you can login to your User Control Panel and change your password to something more memorable for you.

Your login password will have been emailed to the email address you used when registering for the website. You should have recieved that email within 15 minutes of registration.

I changed my email in my profile and now I can't login 

When you change your email account on the Support Forums it immediately sends out a new password to the new email address for security reasons. Check the email account you are now using in your profile.

I'm having trouble finding a username that isn't taken 

As Cyber Tech Help grows (at the time of writing this the Cyber Tech Help Forums has 45,000 members) the most common names or nicknames on the support forums will have been taken. Try adding a number to the end of your nickname for example nickname99 there will be a far less chance of someone else having used this kind of nickname previously.

Do you have a general FAQ ? 

Yes, you can find it here - General FAQ

I'm still having problems having read through all your tips 

If you're still having problems with the Support Forums please contact us using our Contact Form.