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Tutorials | How To Send Bulk Emails using Outlook Express

Publish date: 19:28 Monday, 28th November 2005
Written by: lufbra
Audience intended for: Outlook Express Users
Category: E-mail and Messaging

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  1. Open your Outlook Express
  2. Open your "address book"

  3. Windows Address Book

  4. Click on "New"
  5. Select "New Group"

    Add a group to the Windows Address Book

  6. Add a name for the "Group Name"
  7. Add all e-mail addresses that you'd like in this group by hitting the "Select" button which opens a new window showing all the e-mail addresses in your address book, just highlight them, then hit the >> button between the two "window" panes

    Add email address to your new group

  8. Once complete, hit the "Okay" button (more addresses can be added at a later date, just follow the above instructions)

To send a mail to all within the group/sHow To Send Bulk Emails using Outlook Express

  1. Create a subject for the e-mail
  2. To the left of the "Address Bar" hit the "To" button and scroll to the "Group" name, then double click on this, or highlight the "group" and select to send using the CC (Carbon Copy) feature, or the BC (Blind Copy) feature. Once done, hit the "Send" button, and this mail will go to all recipients within the Group.


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