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Tutorials | How to clear your AutoComplete History

Publish date: 16:09 Wednesday, 21st September 2005
Written by: MishY
Audience intended for: Mozilla Firefox Users, Internet Explorer Users
Category: Internet

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What is AutoComplete ?How to clear your AutoComplete History

AutoComplete is a feature offered by many browsers to keep track of information that you have recently typed, such as website address, and form information (like login forms). Its purpose is to try and anticipate what you are typing so that it can provide you with possible matches and thus save you time.

Internet Explorer UsersHow to clear your AutoComplete History

  1. Left click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel.
  2. Double left click the Internet Options icon. The Internet Properties window will open.

    Internet Options in the Control Panel

  3. Left click the Content tab.

    Internet Options Content Tab

  4. Left click the AutoComplete button.

    Internet Explorer AutoComplete Settings

  5. Now click the Clear Forms button. This will remove all form data stored except for passwords.

    If you use the Clear Passwords button you will find that you will need to enter your password in forms (such as login forms) and that Internet Explorer will no longer be able to pre-fill those items for you. Because of this it is not recommended to use this button unless you have an explicit need to do so.

If you decide that you no longer wish for Internet Explorer to use its autocomplete functionality you can stop this by unticking any of the checkboxes in this window. Should you change your mind you can turn this functionality back on by simply reticking the checkbox(es).

Mozilla Firefox UsersHow to clear your AutoComplete History

  1. Open your Firefox browser.
  2. Left click from the top toolbar Tools and then Options. The Options window will then load.

    Mozilla Firefox Options

  3. Then left click the Privacy icon from the left pane of the Options window.

    Mozilla Privacy Options

  4. From the right pane click the Clear button next to "Saved Form Information".

If you decide that you no longer wish for Firefox to use its autocomplete functionality in the Search bar you can stop this by clicking on the plus sign next to "Saved Form Information". Then untick the checkbox entitled "Save information I enter in web page forms and the Search Bar". Should you change your mind you can turn this functionality back on by simply reticking this checkbox.


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